for Heat Transfer Label Printing

  Our “eco Silicone” bland original Silicone 2-pack Heat transfer screenprint ink system is high stretch, highly washable, heat resistant ink designed for heat transfer decoration for garments.
  All chemical of this system is VOC FREE and odorless/very weak odor and no smell in working place.
  And this new silicone ink system has a lot of excellent features as below.

Normal Silicone Heat Transfer LabelHigh Density Silicone LabelHigh Density Silicone LabelGold Silicone Label on Black FabricBlack Silicone Label on Black fabricRainbow colored Silicone Reflective LabelFlat Silicone LabelFlat Silicone Label - StretchedSilicone care LabelSilicone care Label - StretchedSilicone Reflective Label - Light offSilicone Reflective Label - Light on

High productivity

This high productivity not only covers the higher cost of silicone materials, and provide much more.
・Simple and fast production process (no inter-layer printing required) to save your cost
・Minimum required equipment are screen printing equipment and heat curing conveyor oven only for clean and controlled factory
・Long shelf life and pot life of the ink system reduce the loss of material expiring
・NEVER block your screen during the production
・Very Low wastage rate of inks
・No other solvent or cleaner or water required
・Non evaporating heat curing system(addition reaction) avoids shrinkage of image and thickness
・Match to different printing technique and effect
   – High density, surface pattern, reflective, special effect pigment, etc.

High product performance

Very high Silicone Resin rate of printed label body provides excellent performance
・Ultimate Bleed Blocking performance
・Very Soft and good hand feel, super elastic and flexible, non-stick surface, high-temperature resistance
・Excellent Washing resistance up to 60°C on a wide range of fabric
・Excellent aging resistance and chemical resistance

High safety and environmental sustainability

・No industrial drainage or exhaust
・Low wastage and waste from the label production line
・No pollution discharged from the printing factory
– consumer safety
・Meets Worldwide Safety standards
・Not easy to catch fire compare with the labels printed by other ink systems
– labor safety
・Non evaporating heat curing system and V.O.C. free system provide smell-free factory

System Line-up

・30 colors of Silicone Ink – 5kg bucket / 20kg bucket
14 normal color + 12 Fluorescent color + 3 Metalic color + Transparent
・Bleed Blocker – 5kg bucket / 20kg bucket
・Reducer (can use as Cleaner) – 20kg bottle
・Catalyst – 500g bottle
・Hot Melt Adhesive – 3kg bucket / 20kg bag
・ADg Bland PET Release coating Film Matte and Gloss – 1000sheets/box

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